We got a leak!

The dreaded leak of a vape tank! Arrrrgh!. The worst is when it happens in a public place. It can make things embarrassing and awkward (piss stains). This can happen to any tank, even though the frequency might vary from daily to once a year. This post will arm you with the knowledge of preventative measure and fixes. Dont forget to use your code against ALL Jungle Juice E liquid. Code JUNGLE15 will get you 15% off at checkout! Click HERE to grab a bottle and come back!


Fill Your Tank Properly

  1. Make sure when you fill up the tank, no liquid gets spilled into the center air tube “chimney” – The odd drip is fine and can often prolong coil life but dont lug heaps down it!
  2. Just like pouring a glass of beer, tilt your tank when you fill up.
  3. Don’t overfill your tank. Vacuum is created by leaving a little amount of air in the tank when you close the tank opening after filling it up. This vacuum helps hold the e-juice in the chamber.

By tilting your tank, it is ensured that the liquid fills up in the right compartment and keeps any liquid away from the air passage. While you are filling your e-liquid in the tank, gradually decrease the tilt or straighten the tank as the tank fills up. This avoids any spills and is particularly applicable for thick (high VG) juices. However, if any liquid manages to get spilled in the center tube, make sure to clean the airway before vaping by:

  • Blowing the excess liquid out of the passage. Make sure to have a paper towel at hand because you are going to blow the liquid out of the main tank inlet airway holes.
  • Flicking the atomizer. Make sure to have a paper towel at hand because you are going to flick out the e-juice from the drip tip (from where you inhale).
  • Absorbing the excess e-juice.If you feel any e-juice has spilled into the incorrect hole, please ensure to clean the air passage using a cotton swab or a paper towel

If your vape juice is leaking from the air holes on either side of the tank, it is probably due to improper filling of your vape tank. Each tank has a specific e-juice capacity and should never be filled more than that. If a tank is too full, leakage will happen as the e-liquid will flow out of the top fill hole. For a consistently fulfilling vaping experience, it is advised to make a habit of refilling your vape tank within a threshold (not above not below). With excessive fill, you will experience tank leaks and with too little e-liquid you will end up burning your coils.

Air Flow Adjustment

Too much restriction in the air intake holes can also cause leakage problems. If you have set the air intake setting of your vape device at the minimum, it means that you’re restricting the amount of air allowed to flow into the tank. This type of setting is preferred by mouth to lung (MTL) users, however, when you suck in too hard, you risk flooding the atomizer coil by forcing more liquid into it. If you feel your tank is leaking at the times you take powerful long drags, it is most certainly due to air restriction. In that case, open your airflow to a wider setting than before in order to allow sufficient air to enter the tank.

If your tank leaks right after you fill it up, it’s because you left the airflow hole or the e-juice hole open. Make it a habit, you simply cannot fill a tank with e-liquid without closing all the holes (valves) of the tank. This creates a path for the e-liquid to travel while you are filling up and even doesn’t stop after closing the tank. That is because a favorable path has been provided for the e-liquid to travel and leak out of the airflow holes. I can’t stress this enough, make sure to close your tank’s airflow and e-juice holes before filling it up.

Add Extra Wick Material (only for Re-buildable Coils)

If you are having vape tank leakage problems while using a re-buildable coil, then don’t worry, it is almost certainly due to its wick. There should be clearance between the coil and the wick so that e-liquid can thoroughly get absorbed in the wick. So if you feel your wick is a bit less, it is advisable to add extra wicking cotton. When you wick your coils, make sure that the wick can be pulled on either side with ease and doesn’t bunch up.

Are you using the correct wicking material?

If you have leakage from the edges and side of the glass?

  • Check your Vape Tank Seals

Before checking for damaged seals, it is better and easier to check if your tank is fastened properly. Whether your tank is not screwed together tight enough or due to cross threading, e-juice can leak out of the tank. In order to make sure that your tank is assembled free from any leakages, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the threads are in sync and correctly fastened.
  • Make sure that the threads are tight enough for the tank to be airtight.
  • Be careful not to screw too tightly to damage the seals.
  • If you need to open the tank frequently, find your tank’s sweet spot and stick to it.

If your leakage is coming from the edges of the glass it’s because the seals of your tank are not working. The seals are the O-rings (like rubber bands), most probably extra O-rings will be provided by the manufacturer of your tank. If you don’t find any O-rings in the tank packing, they can be easily bought and are quite cheap, just make sure to use the right size. Damaged or worn out O-rings are a fairly common reason for vape tank leakages. Take apart your tank and inspect the O-rings closely. If they are damaged, worn out or even missing, this implies that the seal has been compromised. On the bright side, you have found your problem. Reasons for leakage due to seal issues are:

  • Overtightening of the tank causing damage to the O-rings
  • Worn out O-rings due to repeated use (frequent opening & closing of the tank)
  • Damaged O-ring/s
  • Missing O-ring/s

If you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems, you just need to replace/ add the O-rings. Anything such as a toothpick, a small flat head screwdriver or much better a pair of tweezers can be used to easily replace the O-rings. You should also check if the O-rings are installed correctly so that the glass of the tank is completely sealed off, leaving no visible gaps for e-juice leakage.

Some tanks such as the Aspire Triton and Nautilus may use better sealing and hence have the need to add extra sealing. If leaking tanks is a usual problem for many users of the same tank, then probably you need to add an O-ring. Just make sure to insert the right sized O-ring in the right location to provide additional sealing.

Check those o-rings.

  • Check for Cracks

Vape tanks are usually made with Pyrex glass which can sustain wear and tear to some extent. A thin crack in the glass or deformation in the tank can cause your tank to be no longer airtight, causing the e-liquid to leak. If your glass is cracked, it can be inexpensively replaced. Replacement glass tubes are readily available and often an extra is provided with the tank. Sometimes the crack may be minute and barely visible, examine your tank closely and replace it if you find any damage.


  • Keep Your Tank Vertical

It is strongly advised to keep your device in a vertical position. The tank should be placed in a vertical/upright position especially for extended periods of time. For example, if you leave your device in a horizontal position overnight, you may find the e-liquid seeping out of the air holes. Whenever you charge your device ensure that the tank is in vertical position. This can also be achieved by unscrewing your tank and placing it upright while your battery is being charged up.

When the tank is completely filled with e-juice, the chances of leakage due to horizontal positioning of the tank are minimal, however, your tank will most certainly leak if its half or less filled. It is difficult for the e-liquid to escape when the holes are thoroughly soaked in the e-juice, however, when the tank is not completely filled and is resting in a horizontal position, the coil is quenched out of e-liquid. This also allows the juice to seep through the coil into the air passage and exit from either of the air holes.

Keep that tank vertical!

  • Clean Your Tank

Burning e-juice produces a residue or “gunk” which builds up with time in the coil. This can also cause blockages or complications with the various parts of the tank, leading to leakages. If you haven’t cleaned your tank in a while, it’s time to do it. For thorough cleaning unscrew the different parts of the tank and wash them with hot water and a moderate dish soap/liquid. After cleaning the tank, make sure to dry it thoroughly before using it again. We recommend that you leave everything out overnight so it dries properly. If you have access to alcohol, it is an even better cleaning agent than water.


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